Survivalist - UE5 Realtime Character

This character is a mix between a client and a personal project. The client wanted a character that had the wireframe of Metahuman but the shape of the body, the face... had to be as close to the concept as possible. So I started from a Metahuman as they requested it, imported it into Zbrush and made the sculpture there. Then I only had to go to subdiv 1 to have the lowpoly version of it. All the clothes were made in Marvelous and retouched in Zbrush. Boots are a scan, which I cleaned up, re-sculpted the details to fit the concept and did the lowpoly and textures. In the end the client didn't want the character so I textured it my way. For the body I reused some of the Metahuman textures as the client wanted it and I mixed with some face images I've to have a custom look. This was a really cool project.